My name is Milly, I am the founder of SuspirosNY.

This idea had been going around in my head for several years until, due to the 2020 pandemic, I decided to start this project from home, since this would allow me to spend more time with my 2 children.

So I started, and thanks to the support of my husband and eldest daughter I was able to place my first orders making party candies and chocolate covered strawberries. Then, my clients were asking for something with a touch of originality, so little by little I was implementing the personalization of gifts adding flowers and details according to choice.

Today, with God’s blessing and the support of my clients, we are in a beautiful stage of growth and making this dream come true.
This is what I love to do, bring joy and sweeten hearts with a sweet detail.

About us

SuspirosNY is dedicated to designing and making personalized gifts, decorated arrangements that combine natural flowers, strawberries covered with exquisite chocolates, balloons and everything you can imagine.
Without a doubt, a special gift that brings joy and happiness. That is why each arrangement and delivery that we make carries with it our love and dedication to result in beautiful details that surprise and fill the recipient with joy.
This is our mission, our passion.

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