Purpose of processing personal data

Suspiros NY carries out the processing of personal data, among others, for the following purposes:

  • Prepare and deliver to the owner of the personal data advertising of their products and/or services, massive or personalized offers of products and/or services of Suspiros NY.
  • Evaluate the purchasing power, payment and consumption behavior, assets, tastes and consumption preferences of the owner of the personal data.
  • Generate predictive models and feed them with personal data.
  • Comply with the contractual and/or regulatory obligations acquired towards its clients, workers, suppliers and/or contractors.
  • Sending invitations to activities convened by Suspiros NY.
  • Update and consult contact information and other relevant information.
  • Guarantee compliance with information security protocols.
  • Comply with the policies, procedures and protocols for the hiring and management of workers, contractors and/or suppliers.
  • Carry out recruitment and selection activities directly or through third parties.
  • Prepare statistics and/or studies of behavior, tastes and/or trends.
  • The other purposes that are previously and expressly informed to the owners of personal data prior to their treatment.

Transfer of personal data

Suspiros NY may transfer personal data to public entities legally empowered within the scope of their powers in compliance with current or future regulations or at their request.

Authorization to obtain personal data and consult public and/or authorized sources

The owner of the personal data authorizes Suspiros NY to process their personal data obtained from public sources, free or not, or from non-public sources, provided that said sources have their authorization to process and transfer said personal data. The personal data collected may be processed and transferred fulfilling the purposes listed in this Policy, as well as under the principles of legality, proportionality and purpose included in the personal data protection regulations.

Rights of the holders

In accordance with the Law, the holders of personal data have the following rights: right of access and information, right of rectification, updating and inclusion, right of cancellation or deletion and right of opposition.

  • Right of Access and information: The owner of personal data has the right to obtain the information about himself that is subject to treatment in data banks owned by Suspiros NY.
  • Right of rectification, update and inclusion: The owner of personal data has the right to update, inclusion and rectification of their personal data subject to treatment by Suspiros NY when these are partially or totally inaccurate, incomplete or when omission has been noticed, error or falsehood.
  • Right of Cancellation or Deletion: The owner of personal data may request the cancellation or deletion of their personal data not related or necessary for the execution of the obligations of charge of Suspiros NY provided for in the signed contracts or those provided by current regulations.
  • Right of Opposition: The owner of personal data may oppose the processing of their personal data at any time. The opposition will proceed to the extent that the treatment has no contractual or legal justification.

Procedures for the exercise of the rights of the owner of personal data

The Holders may exercise their legal rights and carry out the procedures established in this document, through our website: www.suspirosny.com

In the event that the owner of the personal data needs to exercise his rights through a representative, he must present a power of attorney legalized by a notary public that authorizes him as such and his identity document.


By accepting this Policy, you express your consent and agreement with all the terms set forth herein and authorize us to process your personal data for the purposes expressed herein.


The Personal Data that is stored, used or transmitted will remain in the Suspiros NY Databases for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Policy. In the case of clients and former clients, workers, contractors and suppliers, your personal data related to the fulfillment or execution of your commercial relationship will be kept for at least the period established by the applicable regulations.


This Policy has been updated and may be modified by Suspiros NY.