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This beautiful Stand Bouquet is delicately arranged in a floral foam and wrapped with special Korean flower paper.


  • 12 roses
As with all arrangements, flowers and materials are not always in season or in stock. Suspirosny reserves the right to substitute flowers with a similar appearance. We will do our best to make the arrangement as close to the advertised image.
Place the flowers in a clean vase with water.
All stems should be submerged. Replace the water and clean the vase every three days.
If your flowers come with floral foam, add a glass of water every two days.
Keep flowers out of direct sunlight.
Did you order Chocolate Covered Strawberries?
It would be good to keep them at room temperature and consume as soon as possible.however after eating some you can put the rest of strawberries in the fridge for only a day otherwise they will get spoiled .